Play the 100 yard pitch shot video

Club selection is crucal if you want to maximise control from short range and pitch it closer more often.

The 100 yard pitch is a tricky one for many as it often sits right between clubs, especially for those who only carry two wedges.

If you find yourself right on the limit of one of your wedges, hitting a full shot with it could sacrifice your control, as well as generating unwanted spin.

Hitting a half or three-quarter wedge shot will help you control the spin you generate, as well as improving your directional consistency.

If you struggle with hitting wedges with less than a full swing, there are a number of things you can do to improve to give yourself hole-able putts more often.

Firstly you should grip down the shaft about a quarter of an inch and then narrow your stance slightly to help reduce the length of your swing.

The key is then to reduce the length of your swing both on the way back and on the way through, making them the same length.

Doing this often will make you far more aware of the distance you hit each club with full, three quarter and half swings.

You should also see the ball react more consistently once it lands on the green, eliminating that unwated backspin that causes the ball to work its way away from the hole.

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This will give you many more options when it comes to approach shots from short range.

By controlling the shot with the length of your swing, rather than adjusting your rhythm, you will greatly improve your consistency and your control.

Some good examples on tour include Steve Stricker and Zack Johnson, both of whom use the techniques describe above effectively to hit smooth, controlled wedge shots close to the hole.