I think this is one of the hardest shots in golf. As a Tour pro I’d be happy to get it inside 15 feet from here. I would play it the high tariff way still using my lob wedge with a full swing as that is what I’m most comfortable with.

But the percentage play, and the method I would recommend to amateurs providing the lip of the bunker allows it, is to take your pitching wedge and open the clubface up. Try and play a semi duff and run and hopefully you should get the ideal combination of carry and roll out for the ball to travel the full distance. It takes a bit of practice but if you can master it, it may just save your round.

I would still use my 58° wedge for this shot but amateurs can use their pitching wedge and play it almost like a normal splash shot. This will help them get the distance without having to make a very long swing. The longer the swing, the more there is that can go wrong. Make sure you fully commit to the shot, striking the sand around two inches behind the ball.

Shane Lowry 40 yard bunker

Although this shot is essentially a chunk-and-run, you still want to use the bounce to maintain speed through the sand. So use a square clubface but position your hands behind the ball. This will stop the clubhead from digging down into the sand. Notice the angle between my left forearm and back of the left hand.

The tendency on this shot will be to play it like a normal iron shot to get the distance by leaning the shaft forwards. If you play it this way you’ll take too much sand and the ball won’t travel the required distance. This will also reduce the loft, meaning you could catch the lip of the bunker.