This wet lie bunker tips video from Andrew Jones should help you whenever you face a difficult lie in the sand. To further help you save par in this scenario we also asked another Golf Monthly Top 25 coach – Keith Wood – to offer his advice (below) on how to play these tricky greenside shots.

Wet bunker tips

Wet bunkers pose the golfer an interesting test. With the sand firm beneath the ball it can be that your normal bunker shot technique will not work. But before you decide how to approach it you need to judge the sand by shuffling your feet in at address – this will tell you alot. What you are trying to work out is whether the sand is firm on top and underneath or whether it is still fluffy beneath the surface. This will dictate your approach.

If the bunker is firm on top and compact beneath, square up the leading edge of your wedge (do not open up the face). This will help the club get into the sand before the ball so you avoid the club ‘bouncing’ on the sand pre-impact causing the thin strike. So it is almost as if the ball is plugged – place a little more weight on your left side at impact and you are looking to blast it out with a square face and by taking plenty of sand through impact. Remember, with this technique the ball will come out with plenty of roll so try to allow for that as you work out how hard to hit the shot.

If the sand is softer beneath the surface I would adopt my usual technique but with one major change, I’d place a little more weight on my left foot at address. That will help make my angle of attack a little steeper so the club strikes the sand a little closer to the ball than for a normal bunker shot.

As with all short shots from tricky lies, commitment is key. The sand will slow the club through impact so you need to keep your body rotating through impact so the club does not slow down and get stuck. Make sure that in the finish position your body is pointing at the target.

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