3 Best Ball Striking Tips

Does your ball striking need to improve? You’re in the right place!

In this video, Honma Custom Fitting Specialist and PGA Professional Luke Peterken talks us through three tips and drills to help you begin striking your irons more consistently.

1. Posture

Your posture needs to be athletic and keeping a good posture on every shot brings consistency to every shot that we approach.

Golf is tiring so it is easy to get lazy with your posture in the latter stages of a round, which frees you up and loosens you up to perhaps go to places in the swing that you shouldn’t.

To find the best posture, I have a 4 step process that allows me to know that I’m standing over the golf ball the same every time…

1) Firstly I aim to my target line and then put my feet together and stand up straight out with the club extended in front of me

2) Keeping my legs straight I’ll bend forward until the golf club head is level with my knees

3) Then I’ll take the width of my stance

4) Then I’ll unlock my knees, this puts me in the perfect posture

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2. Step drill

This drill allows us to ensure that we are moving towards the target.

A common fault when it comes to poor iron strikes is to lean back on it and try to help the ball up, which this drill stops.

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3. Headcover drill

We’re taught to hit down on the golf ball with irons and this is a good drill for it.

Place a soft object 10-12 inches behind the ball and try to hit the ball without hitting the object.