Read on to see our look at the best electric golf trolleys 2019 has to offer, including models that fold up small or are feature packed


Best Electric Golf Trolleys 2019

Take a look at our list below of the best electric golf trolleys 2019 has to offer.

These electric trolleys can do all the hard work for you, taking the stress off the legs or shoulders and preserving energy for the last few holes so you can finish your rounds strongly. For our gadget-obsessed generation, they now connect to phones and provide GPS information on the screen. Some can be controlled by a handset while others will even follow you around the course!

The last few years have also seen an industry-wide overhaul of frame styling, from thick and clunky to sleek and shiny, so it’s easy to see why most amateur golfers now use one.

What to consider?

Some trolleys fold down more compactly than others, so consider your boot size or where you’ll store it at home before parting with your cash.

Lithium batteries are lighter, charge more quickly and have a longer lifespan, but usually add £100-£150 to the initial purchase cost. So think carefully about your long-term trolley needs.

Will you use the GPS device cradle or send away function? Would a console unit for your valuables make life easier? Think about how you use your trolley and what you really need.

If you’re thinking about joining them, here’s our guide to the best electric golf trolleys 2019 has available for you to consider….

Best Electric Golf Trolleys 2019

Motocaddy M-Tech Golf Trolley

The limited-edition Motocaddy M-Tech heads up the compact-folding M-Series range. It is top of the pile thanks to its super-lightweight, high-capacity Lithium battery and next-generation, high power 28V electronics. Everything about the M-Tech screams cutting edge, from the polished chrome detailing to the hand-stiched leather handle grips and the carbon fibre styling. The wheels catch your eye too with their bespoke all-terrain tread even boasting the Motocaddy logo.

PowaKaddy Compact C2i GPS

PowaKaddy Compact C2i GPS Electric Trolley Revealed

GM says: New for 2019 PowaKaddy have produced arguably its most cutting-edge model of all, the C2i GPS. It features a fully integrated GPS system and when folded down, it has the  smallest volume of any electric trolley on the market. Construction wise the lightweight Plug ‘n’ Play lithium battery is the thinnest on the market while the PowaFrame chassis is sturdy, lightweight and provides a smooth ride for your clubs too. Finally the GPS comes with over 38,000 courses worldwide and the screen displays other important information like battery level, speed and distances to a variety of spots on the green.

Motocaddy S1

2019 Motocaddy Trolleys Revealed

GM says: The new Motocaddy S1 electric trolley now features a high-resolution, sunlight friendly LCD screen, a new super-lightweight Lithium battery, the brand’s exclusive Quikfold mechanism and also Motocaddy’s Easilock bag-to-trolley connection system. All of which combine to create a product that gets you around the course with ease.

Big Max Coaster Quad Brake 

Big Max Coaster electric cart

Big Max Coaster Quad review

GM says: The Big Max Coaster Quad Brake features four wheels,  the front two of which rotate, so the trolley can turn on the spot. A fifth wheel can also be purchased to further improve its stability on steep hills. Other key features include an automatic speed regulator to stop it running away from you when going downhill, an electronic parking brake and a controlled distance function that allows you to send the trolley forwards up to 60 meters. It also features a colour display and an integrated solar charging compartment that sends power to your phone or GPS device.

Stewart Golf X9 Follow 

Stewart X9 Follow

Stewart Golf X9 Follow Review

GM says: This pricey option is also arguably the most sophisticated in this guide. A unique Bluetooth design lets it follow you around the course, turning when you turn, stopping when you stop, and removing the need to steer it with a remote control, although this is still an option. Its four wheels also generate excellent levels of grip that aid precise steering.

PowaKaddy FW7s GPS

PowaKaddy FW7s GPS Electric Trolley Review

GM says: GPS technology is built in to this trolley’s 3.5” digital handle display. It delivers front, middle and back distances on over 35,000 golf courses worldwide, as well as distances to hazards without the need to use an external device. It boasts a built-in scorecard, USB charging port, calorie counter and adjustable distance control function. The FW7s GPS also saves every round you enter to build a performance history and even reacts to your final score by displaying different emojis.

Motocaddy S7 Remote

2019 Motocaddy Trolleys Revealed

GM says: Another new Motocaddy trolley for 2019, the S7 remote features a compact rechargeable remote Lithium handset, which includes dual pressure buttons for responsive control around the course. The handset also fits neatly into an integrated holder below the handle. A new drive system offers improved directional controls and the trolley now includes the brand’s Automatic Downhill Control, that adjusts to maintain a constant speed while moving down a gradient. Among the plethora of other features, the S7 Remote includes a pause/resume feature and an emergency stop function. To find out about all the features the new trolley comes with, click here.

PowaKaddy FW5s

GM says: The FW5s features a 2.8” mid-size full colour widescreen display for 2019, an integrated USB charging port and an automatic distance function to set the trolley off on pre-set distances. The premium gun-metal finish combined with the black wheels enhances the shelf appeal

Big Max Navigator Quad Gyro

Big Max Navigator Quad Gyro

Big Max Navigator Quad Gyro Review

GM says: This remote controlled electric trolley has the same four-wheel design as the Big Max Coaster Quad Brake that enables it to turn on the spot. A fifth wheel on the back ensures it stays on its feet without the need of a guiding hand, even on the most severe terrain. In addition, gyroscopic anti-deviation technology corrects the path it takes when moving across a side slope. It features a colour display and an integrated solar charging compartment. The Big Max Aqua Cart Bags are also designed to fit nicely on board.

PowaKaddy FW3s 

GM says: Simple yet reliable, this features a 2.3” colour widescreen, whisper-quiet 230W motor and digital battery fuel indicator. Additionally there are a number of new 2019 features on this model, including a LCD backlight system, Stealth wheels as well as the thinnest, lightest and most powerful battery on the market. 

Golfstream Vision

Golfstream Vision Electric Trolley Revealed

GM Says: Addressing the problem of reading the screen on electric trolleys, the aptly named Vision golf trolley comes with a new Caddy White display screen that can be read in even the brightest, most direct sunlight, much like an e-Reader. Another new feature is the patented one-touch, easy-fold mechanism that allows the Vision to fold down quickly, easily and compactly. There’s also a magnetic latch that holds the trolley together in the folded position to make it easier to transport it.

Motocaddy M5 Connect


Motocaddy M5 Connect Review

GM says: The M5 Connect is the world’s only compact-folding, GPS enabled electric trolley to offer smartphone notifications. It features a completely new frame, wheel and battery design that allows it to take up minimal space when folded down. The GPS functionality comes from the free Motocaddy app, which uses Bluetooth to transfer the distance information to the digital screen on the handle. There’s also adjustable distance control to send your trolley off to the next tee and it has the Easilock base to connect it to a Motocaddy cart bag more easily.

Hill Billy 

Hilly Billy

Hill Billy electric trolley review

GM says: The Hill Billy electric trolley is the least expensive model in this guide. Costs are kept low not by reductions in spec, but by selling directly to users, rather than through golf shops. Its price and simple design will suit first-time trolley owners, with a slot-in battery tray and fool-proof speed dial complementing the soft touch, height-adjustable handle. The lead acid battery version will cost £259, and the lithium £399.

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