A look at some of the superb training aids that are on the market and that could help you improve your game this season


Best Golf Training Aids 2020

Take a look at some of the Best Training Aids 2020 below.

Golf is one of the most technically challenging sports out there and playing just once a week will not be enough to see you make big improvements. You might not have time to make it to the course more often than that but there are plenty of tools available to allow you to work on your game at home or at the driving range.

Whether the aids are designed to help you hone your swing or to improve your putting, a little bit of work goes a long way and could see you knocking shots off your handicap, so below we look at some of the best golf training aids on the market in 2020.

Below are some of our favourites. With some of the products you’ll see a ‘Buy Now’ link. If you click on this then we may receive a small amount of money from the retailer when you purchase the item, but this doesn’t affect the amount you pay.

Best Golf Training Aids 2020

Anywhere Golf Hole Training Aid

This silicone aid’s slight incline promotes perfect speed and lets you practice your putting anywhere.

Sure-Set Training Aid

An adjustable training aid that helps set the club in the right loaded position with good width, plane and alignment.

Prak-tis Alignment Training Aid

Alignment rulers for long and short game that show you how to stand with every club.

SG Pro Ball Training Aid

Each ball has three coloured areas that represent where you must strike it to execute different types of shot.

Brand Fusion Tour Alignment Sticks

These sticks will help you with your alignment in a simple way and cheap price.

PuttOUT Putting Mat

Complete with printed alignment guides, target points and distance markings, the mat replicates a medium-to-fast green. Improve your putting stroke and work on drills in the comfort of your own home – and not just over this solitary period!

GAME Golf Live Digital Tracking System

Track each shot in real time by using this aid and create a game plan to lower your scores.

Welling Ultimate Putt Matt

Best Golf Training Aids 2018

A putting matt right from the top drawer. The beauty of a putting matt is that you can get to work no matter what the weather is doing outside. The 3m x 0.64m matt includes 10 different “feel zones” and a training book with 54 exercises. It’s designed to teach you how to putt well, encouraging better alignment, touch, length and speed.

Pure 2 Improve Putting Mirror

Some of the best golf training aids are really simple. Pure 2 Improve has created this training aid so it’s small enough to fit in your bag, therefore you can take it to the putting green to work on your stroke and improve your alignment.

Nelnissa Portable Pop Up Golf Chipping Net

Nelnissa Portable Pop Up Golf Chipping Net, Best Golf Training Aids 2018

When the course is closed and you’ve got the itch to work on your short game, then this chipping net is just what you need. It’s suitable for indoor (we recommended air balls!) and outdoor use with ground pegs supplied. At 52cm in diameter it’s enough of a challenge and easy to store away. The next best thing to using the chipping green down the club.

Sklz Smash Bag Training Aid

Great for use at home or on the practice range, the smash bag looks to seeks to help you learn the feeling of correct golf ball impact for every swing.

Arccos 360 Tracking System

Arccos 360 Tracking System, Best Golf Training Aids 2018

This second generation system has an ultra-light profile which provides enhanced shot detection algorithm, with GPS 2.0 App and Tour Analytics providing insight for enhanced on-course decisions. It may sound complicated but, in short, it records every shot you make, giving real time data. Statistics are provided for the main aspects of the game, so you have no excuse for where you need to improve. It will not, however, play shots for you… pretty much everything but.

Masters Deluxe Practice Putting Mat

Great for the office or at home, you can practice your pressure putting anytime with this mat.

Golf Gifts Deluxe Practice Net

Easy to construct and easy to take down, this portable net allows you to practice your swing wherever you may be.

PuttOUT Pressure Putt Training Aid

This scientifically designed aid has a parabolic curve which has a rubber target that is the exact size of a hole. It also returns all missed putts back to you.

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