10 Best Gear Launches 2020

For many people, plans for the golfing year ahead were put on hold as lockdown measures came in. Thoughts about new gear purchases were perhaps put on the back-burner.

As golf courses slowly start to re-open we thought it was a good time to reflect on the best gear launches of 2020 so far. Neil and Joel both pick their five favourites to remind you about the innovations that could potentially help you shoot lower scores.


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10 Best Gear Launches 2020

Joel – Ping G710 Iron


A pretty drastic change in aesthetics from Ping in the game-improvement category of iron, the G710 is no question a club aimed at high handicappers, and yet feels like a players club.

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The black finish really stands out and the club provides incredible consistency throughout the bag too.

Neil – Mizuno ST200 Drivers


The Mizuno ST200 drivers all have a simple, classic carbon composite look to them which will suit traditionalists out there.

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Part of the reason Neil liked the ST200G version (far left of the three above) in particular was his affinity for the previous generation ST190G. Mizuno have then built upon that club to make the ST200G even better.

It performed excellently and is a club that everyone should consider with all of the other premium brands. They all provide value for money too as they are cheaper than most other premium drivers out there.

Joel – Titleist Vokey SM8 Wedge

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You would think technological advancement in the wedge category would be quite limited but in the case of the SM8’s it is actually quite dramatic.

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Titliest have managed to build upon the technology of their wedges whilst keeping a classic and simple design that looks fantastic.

Neil – Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Putters

With the combination of feel, performance, the Stroke Lab shafts, the quality grips and the Triple Track technology on the head, Neil thinks Odyssey have lifted the bar by doing something a little bit different to everyone else with these putters.

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Joel – TaylorMade SIM Fairway Wood 


It is pretty difficult for brands to really differentiate themselves in terms of performance these days because most manufacturers make excellent golf clubs.

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But the SIM fairway really stands out because how different it is and how much better it launches and flights the ball compared to any other fairway wood.

Typically amateur golfers struggle to get fairway woods into the air whereas this SIM model flies considerably higher than other fairway woods which should help here.

Neil – Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero


The Sub Zero model obviously has been designed using Callaway’s super-computer which helps design the face to maximise speed and forgiveness. It also has a classic Callaway look behind the ball.

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For Neil it was the club he clicked with the most as he hit ball after ball long and straight.

Joel – Wilson Staff Launch Pad Iron

Wilson Staff Launch Pad Iron Review

Designed for higher handicappers this club has been created to help with strike and consistency thanks to the wide sole.

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The irons help make the game a little bit easier for those players that struggle with making good contact. Additionally they also have a cheaper price than many of the other iron sets out there at the moment.

Neil – Cleveland Frontline Putter

10 Best Gear Launches 2020

The idea behind this putter is Cleveland have attempted to push all the weight forward in the head to reduce the gear effect whilst putting.

This means if you make contact slightly out of the toe or heel of the club then the club will not rotate as much which means the start line won’t be affected as much.

The simple matte black finish with a single white line on top looks great as does the black shaft and feel of the grip.

Joel – Footjoy Pro/SL Carbon Shoe

10 Best Gear Launches 2020

Joel likes this shoe so much that he thinks it could be the best spikeless golf shoe ever made.

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It is lightweight, and provides all the comfort, grip and stability you would want and expect from a spikeless shoe. It is also one of the best looking shoes out there right now.

Neil – TaylorMade Tour Response Ball

10 Best Gear Launches 2020

In terms of price in the TaylorMade ball range the Tour Response comes in just below the TP5 and TP5x balls the professionals use, and yet gives the feel and performance that comes with a urethane cover.

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Whilst testing in the U.S. Neil acknowledged how they performed excellently around the greens in particular and gave quality spin control.

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