This is a shot I practice all the time so it comes naturally to me but I know amateurs struggle with elevated chip shots from tight lies like this. The set up position is absolutely vital. If the ball is positioned too far back the ball won’t go high enough and if it’s too far forward you won’t get the desired contact. Just forward of middle is perfect in my opinion.

The other key is to have soft hands. By this I mean a loose grip pressure, around 6/10. If your grip pressure is too tight it reduces feel and you’ll hit the ball too hard or duff it in the bunker. I use my 58° wedge for this shot, but it’s probably more like 62° after I’ve added loft by opening the clubface.

Always open the clubface before you grip the club. This ensures the clubface stays open through impact.

Shane lowry flop

By having soft hands, this enables me to create lots of wrist hinge that will ultimately give me the speed in the clubhead I need for the ball to travel the full distance to my landing spot.

Notice how the shaft is almost vertical, perhaps leaning forwards very slightly, at impact. This demonstrates that I am using the bounce with a shallow angle of attack that gives me more margin for error with the strike.

Transfer through to a full finish with the weight on the lead foot. You can see how my body is fully facing the target, a sign that my arms and body have worked together correctly.