We’ve identified some of the best novelty golf head covers that will help you to stand out from the crowd

Best Novelty Golf Head Covers

In the below list we’ve identified six of the best novelty golf head covers that will help you to stand out from the crowd

On tour Tiger Woods has his Tiger, Ernie Els has his lion, and Bud Cauley…. we’re not sure. While they might not be for everyone, there is a big market out there for golfers seeking animals, film characters or something equally eye-catching to spice up their bags.

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Best Novelty Golf Head Covers

Official Star Wars Golf Driver Head Cover

Star Wars, Best Novelty Golf Head Covers

We’ve checked, and they do exist. Yoda’s head provides ample room and protection for your driver and, who knows, maybe it will give you special powers on the golf course.

TaylorMade Driver Head Cover

Featuring PU leather and official TaylorMade branding, this head-cover is designed to fit large, modern drivers.

Winning Edge Sergio Garcia Brown Bull Head Cover

The autograph of Sergio Garcia is stitched into this head cover.

Winning Edge Liam Leprechaun Head Cover

Show your funny side with this novelty leprechaun head cover.

The Simpsons Duff Beer Can Golf Driver Head Cover

Simpsons Duff Beer Can, Best Novelty Golf Head Covers

If you’re a fan of The Simpsons, or just beer, you can get this Duff Beer head cover for your golf bag.

Premier Licensing Everton Heritage Driver Headcover

If Everton is not your team, Premier Licensing offer a multitude of other options for you to show your team some support on the golf course.

Daphne’s Zebra Golf Driver Head Cover

Daphne's Zebra, Best Novelty Golf Head Covers

Online shop Daphne’s also sell a Tiger head cover, but that would be too obvious. Why not opt for a different animal, such as a zebra; everyone loves a zebra. If you’re more of an aggressive player, you could go for the wolf, but we prefer this more laid back species.

Creative Covers Batman Driver Head Cover

Bring some character to your golf game with this Batman head cover. Creative Covers also makes a Superman and Joker version available at American Golf.

Daphne’s Snail Golf Hybrid Head Cover

Daphne's Snail, Best Novelty Golf Head Covers

Another beauty from Daphne’s who make ‘golf club head covers for fun-loving golfers’. What we like about the snail is that you can buy it for a slow playing partner. In doing so, you’re helping do your bit for the game.

Snowman Golf Hybrid Head Cover

Snowman, Best Novelty Golf Head Covers

Your chance to mix it up through the seasons. Pop this on your hybrid through the winter months and show your fellow golfers that you’re a serious player.

Angry Emoji Golf Driver Head Cover

Emoji, Best Novelty Golf Head Covers

The internet is awash with novelty head covers and you’ll find this Emoji one out there. As we all know golf can bring out a range of emotions, often rage when missing another fairway, which makes this head cover very appealing.

Whatever head cover takes your fancy we hope it helps you with your game! For more from Golf Monthly make sure you check out our social media channels.